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Quality stuff that i love :>



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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 25, 2012, 1:43 PM


Q: What information needs to be provided for a commission request?

A:- You should try to describe the nature of your commission the best way you can; simply just the way you imagined it to be! Is it a portrait? Is it a fight scene? What would the background be? What is the personality of the character? Provide as much info as you can! If you have some reference, attach it in the mail! Background stories are more then welcome. Or if you are uncertain, let me know what your initial idea is and i'll let my imagination do the rest.

Public pricing info:

Quick pricelist and examples for common formats and types of commission; 

Portrait: 130USD
Gumiho by IndironCelestia by Indiron

Full body, simple bg: 320USD
Succubus assassin by IndironCommission: TheGreenDragoon by Indiron

Full body with background / environment: 450USD
Gummy lady by IndironCelestial prayer by Indiron

Epic scale: 600-800USD (flexible price range)  
I choose you hydra!!!11 - D3 Fan art Contest entry by Indiron

Weapons, artifacts, maps, game resources etc: 150USD+
Dragonblade commission by IndironSci-fi gun commission by IndironSteampunk/Fantasy map Ethovaa by Indiron

Please send a mail for precise information on rates if you are uncertain about something. Not every commission is the same in terms of complexity or format. 

For a price list on the following, you need to send a mail:
-Concept art (Character design, Landscapes, Creature design, concept sheets, blueprints, fantasy vehicles)
-Splash art for games, book/magazine covers and similar.
-Animated art with VFX and sound
-UI for games
-Game maps, Icons and resources
-TCG (Trading card game) illustrations
-Banners, layout and graphic elements for websites and streams etc
-Game Logo design and special graphic design requests
-Special promotional orders (commercial purposes)

Q: Do I have a discount if I am a returning costumer or If I'm ordering in a batch?

A:- Batch orders and returning customers receive a 13% discount.
In case of special and expensive orders, I will personally print a poster, sign it and ship it to your address. 

Q: How long does it take for you to finish a commission?

A:- I fully guarantee for the delivery of the commissions, however art needs time and patience in order to look right. It all depends on the complexity of your commission and your position in queue. However, I work on all commissions bit by bit, so everyone can receive their commission in a fair way - as quick as possible for all slots.

--:::--  Terms of use for personal commissions   --:::--

-I work on every commission a few hours per day till the first few in queue are completed and so on. 
-I will show you a basic sketch of the composition and you are entitled to two revision on the sketch process. 
Once I send you the final piece I won't accept any revisions; I can't read minds so please try to explain what you need the best way you can. 
-I am allowed to post the commissioned work on my website / DeviantArt, print shop and include it in my personal portfolio. 
-You are allowed to crop or edit the work for personal purposes only.
-You are not allowed to use the commissioned artwork for commercial or promotional purposes. If you wish to do so, mail me for more information.
-Files will be delivered to the client in .jpg (unless otherwise stated) 300dpi|5000px at least per mail or stash.
-I speak English, German, Spanish, Korean and Croatian/Serbian so don't note me with any other language.  
-I don't issue refunds. 

Paypal Accepted by Nonabolcat  Western Union stamp by mukuro-sama 

--:::--  PayPal payment instructions   --:::--

-Upfront payment is required. (In rare cases installments are allowed in two parts for a shorter time period)
1. For commission payments please use the: "Send money to friends or family or send as gift" option on PayPal (you can also select 'other' if your PayPal does not have those).
2. After completing the transaction and sending money, please return to your PayPal account and confirm the payment (by finding the confirm button on your transaction details tab - next to the completed transaction). 
Copy and paste my email address for sending money:

-Updated 22-03-2014.
Thank you for reading.


Related Links

Open for freelance and commissions.
Current commission progress:
[Taking a short break in order to play the new D3 expansion :>]

Håvard S. - paid - completed
TheGreenDragoon - paid - completed
Plopinou - paid - completed
Isichar - paid - 99%
alternatepony - paid - completed
rairyu - paid - completed
anubiswolfe - paid - completed
Mixermike622 - paid - 95%
EnderJG - paid - 40%
Fl4kez - paid - 5%
GrandMoffPony - paid - 5%
Plopinou - paid - 0%

Quick FAQ

-What is your current work occupation?
I freelance atm. Illustration, concept art and mv concepts.

-Why so few deviations?
Im active since 1 year only. But I've had the account for a while.

-Do you really work on K-POP music videos?
I freelanced for SM, Woollim, JYP and others. If you look my name up (Sanjin Halimic), you'll be able to find a few articles :d

-What tools and software do you use?
Cintiq 22HD, Photoshop cs6. After effects and flash for animation.

-What games do you play? Do you play League?
I used to be a veteran WC3, WoW pvp player. These days I play Diablo 3 and Hearthstone occasionally.
I do play LoL; FromPlanetExo @ EUW, currently diamond 3 in soloque.

I'm writing/making a book/novel/poem/game bla bla and I need illustrations. You will receive royalties once the book sells, plus its great exposure!
Translation: Probably won't sell, we cant pay you and there will be no royalties. NO THANKS.

-Can you join my contest? Can I request naruto hugging a fat chick while being attacked with flying shuringans and its all happening in the star wars universe on the death star???
For the love of god, don't post your contests or requests on my page. ty-


What League champion do you wanna see? (I'll be counting everyone's vote). 

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RareBeautifulGem Mar 28, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you still working on MLP arts? its been a long while since you have, as I noticed.

Congrats I am from :iconbeaute-lamour: your piece I choose you hydra!!!11 - D3 Fan art Contest entry made it to our best of the best feature category, for its originality, creativity and the advance skill shown in the piece :) :heart: and I hope you win :)


Congrats I am from :iconbeaute-lamour: your piece Visaria made it to our best of the best feature category, for its originality, creativity and the advance skill shown in the piece :) :heart:

knight-of-sand Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Welcome to   :iconmasters-of-painting: :clap:!!

Thank you for your joining this group and hope you will have fun :heart:!!

Founder of masters-of-painting
Indiron Mar 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
tyvm :p
you're a talented artist AND you're diamond 3 in league? goddamn you :P :heart: good job !!
Indiron Mar 21, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks ;d 
Im unranked now tho, haven't played anything in the new season :/
yeah I haven't really either and I don't blame you. I play on OCE and the server population is extremely curved.
I was Gold 5 last season and I went 5 - 5 in placements and got into Gold 4. It just shows I have pretty okay MMR, but the small server population means that a lot of people get into higher placements than they actually were last season (in comparison). My friend for example was silver 1 or 2 last season and went 8 - 2 in placements and got Gold 3. that's a pretty big jump, but eh. OCE is kind of lame that way so I just gave up playing ranked until maybe towards the end of the year.
;_; sorry about the massive block of text ..
Indiron Mar 21, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I have seen a reddit post about the state on OCE servers a while ago, it looked pretty bad, kinda what you described :/
I had a friend lose 8-2 and end up in gold 5 from diamond 1 on euw :DDDDDDDDDDDDD. The system remains a mystery XD
TheSleepingGods Mar 13, 2014  Student General Artist
You are so very talented. I love finding artists like you.
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