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Please send your requests and questions to if you are interested.

Q: What information needs to be provided for a commission request?

A:- You should try to describe the nature of your commission the best way you can; simply just the way you imagined it to be! Is it a portrait? Is it a fight scene? What would the background be? What is the personality of the character? Provide as much info as you can! If you have some reference, attach it in the mail! Background stories are more then welcome. Or if you are uncertain, let me know your initial idea and i'll do the rest.

Public pricing info for private/personal use commissions: 

Quick pricelist and examples for common formats/types;

Portrait: 250USD
Celestia by Indiron Peppy Pepooni Pines by Indiron Visaria by Indiron

Full body, simple pose or advanced pose with simple or advanced background: 400-500USD
Tides of Blood by Indiron Angelarium: hope by Indiron C: Skull by Indiron Halloween 14' by Indiron

Epic scale (very dynamic poses, stronger storytelling, battle scenes or multiple characters): 600-800USD (flexible price range)
Comp69 by Indiron Ultrasafe Transporter: Wormhole by Indiron League of Legends - Sorceress Lux splash art by Indiron I choose you hydra!!!11 - Diablo 3 Fan art by Indiron

Weapons, artifacts, maps, game resources etc: 100-150USD Weapons, Maps 200USD+
Dragonblade commission by Indiron Sci-fi gun commission by Indiron Steampunk/Fantasy map Ethovaa by Indiron

Please send a mail for precise information on rates if you are uncertain about something; due to complexity and format not every commission is the same. 

For full copyright commercial orders add a +300USD fee on top of the prices listed above. You receive a copyright transfer agreement.

For a price list on the following, you need to send a mail:
-Book covers
-Concept art (Character design, Landscapes, Creature design, concept sheets, blueprints, fantasy vehicles)
-Splash art for games, book/magazine covers and similar.
-Animated art with VFX and sound
-UI for games
-Game maps, Icons and resources
-TCG (Trading card game) illustrations
-Banners, layout and graphic elements for websites and streams etc
-Game Logo design and special graphic design requests
-Special promotional orders (commercial purposes)

Q: How long does it take for you to finish a commission?

A:- I fully guarantee for the delivery of the commissions, however art needs time and patience in order to look right. It all depends on the complexity of your commission and your position in queue. However, I work on all commissions bit by bit, so everyone can receive their commission in a fair way - as quick as possible for all slots. Commercial orders have priority and do not participate in a queue. 

Q: What is considered out of your comfort zone?

A:- Currently I accept and can pull off everything that is not strongly gore related. 

--:::-- Terms of service for private/personal commissions --:::--

-I work on every commission a few hours per day till the first few in queue are completed and so on. 
-I will show you a sketch of the composition and you are entitled to two revisions on the sketch process. 
Once I send you the final piece I won't accept any revisions; I can't read minds so please try to explain what you need the best way you can. In case you believe an other revision round could help contribute achieving a painting which is more appealing to you, then you can go for an extra paid minor or major revision round.
-I am allowed to post the commissioned work on my website / microblog and include it in my personal portfolio. 
-You are allowed to crop or edit the work for personal purposes only.
-You are not allowed to use the commissioned artwork for commercial or promotional purposes. If you wish to do so, you can always buy full commercial rights from me.
-Files will be delivered to the commissioner/client in .jpg and .png (unless otherwise stated by the commissioner) 300dpi|5000px at least per mail or stash.
-I'm multilingual and speak many languages, however please try to keep and send your inquiry in English.
-I don't issue refunds if the commission has been started.
-Once you send a commission inquiry via email or note, you automatically agree to the above terms.

--:::-- PayPal payment instructions --:::--

-Upfront payment is required (Unless for larger scale work or contracted work). (In rare cases installments are allowed in two parts for a shorter time period)

1. For commission payments please use the: "Send money for services or goods" option on PayPal (gift options now violate PayPal policies). 

-Updated 25-03-2016.
Thank you for reading.



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kris-jerome Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2018
To anyone still looking at this page, this artist took roughly $5,000 from myself and others and then disappeared with our money. Don't support this artist.
noachiansoul Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2017
Still haven't given up on tracking you down, scammer.
kris-jerome Featured By Owner May 16, 2017
I want my money back. It's been over a year since you took my money!!
noachiansoul Featured By Owner May 21, 2017
Yep.. Paid him $1500 around March of 2016. Haven't heard from him since July or August 2016. Scammer.
noachiansoul Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2017
Wow.. All these birthday greetings have pushed down the pages of complaints about people not receiving refunds or commissions.

If you are thinking of commissioning this person, DON'T. He (Sanjin Halimic, if that's even a real name), is a scam artist. He will take your money and not deliver commissions. He strings you along and provides in-progress sketches until the timeframe for help from Paypal has passed.
kris-jerome Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2017
My thoughts too.
noachiansoul Featured By Owner May 15, 2017
I've tried to get deviantart to simply review the accounts and ban these scammers, but they just keep closing my ticket saying they won't get involved in personal disputes. I'm not asking them to get involved in my specific case, but simply review all the previous comments, (before these birthday wishes), and ban the accounts of these scammers. Useless.
GrandMoffPony Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017
Same here.  I contacted DA, provided TONS of screenshots, receipts, communications, etc.  All showing the obvious scam that was pulled on me and many others.  And they just closed my ticket and said it's not their problem.

Does DA staff really not care about their user base that much?
kris-jerome Featured By Owner May 16, 2017
At this point it's more than a personal dispute. Seriously there are like eight of us with more than $5000 total scammed.

I wouldn't be surprised if he has made a new account and is starting taking people's money again.
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gx-9901 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday
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